Virtus Outdoor Group jacket review: does it make the cut?

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Finding a good tactical jacket that is functional, well-built, and designed with character has been nearly impossible.  Usually you have to sacrifice at least one of those aspects in your quest.  However, Virtus Outdoor Group, also known at VOG, has figured out how to deliver on all three aspects in one.



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I first came across VOG 2 years ago (known just as Virtus at the time).  My wife had found their 3-jacket system online. After getting hers in the mail, she’s never turned back.  She absolutely loves it and since then we’ve been constantly stopped by people asking where she got it.  While it has a unique style that she loves, her favorite part is that it was just ‘made right.’


I followed in suit, and finally, I decided to get myself a mens version of the jackets. She wasn’t wrong.  It’s just ‘made right.’

Immediately upon putting it on, it’s obvious that the material is no ordinary run-of-the-mill fabric and the cut is perfect. After a good bit of use, it’s now my go-to favorite jacket for shooting, and general travel.  But it turns out that VOG is more than just an under-the-radar jacket maker.

Being a veteran-owned company, VOG has strived to create combat-forged gear unlike anything on the market – both in material and style.  The founder, a former Marine, David Johnson Wood, is not only a fabric specialist, but also an elite athlete.  After having gone through different equipment and apparel, David set out to find something that would meet his needs.

After meeting with multiple CEOs of outdoor gear companies, it was evident that no one was taking this idea to the level it needed.  It was from this that Virtus Outdoor Group was born.

While VOG has different types of lifestyle wear, ranging from pants, shirts, hoodies and more, I’ll specifically be focusing on two things that  what I think is the crown-jewel of their products, the 3-Layer jacket system, and their camouflage patterns – which you can print on your gear.  Let’s check them out.


The three main VOG jackets are the Helios, Astraes, and Proteus. These are call the 3-1 system.  You do not have to purchase all three, but they can combine to meet just about any weather or environment out there.


The Helios Jacket is fantastic against wind. It has patented breathable technology and can be used for the extreme athlete or staying warm outside around a campfire.  This jacket will  keep you dry by snuffing out any moisture and with a light fleece material that covers the back. It will move with you at any pace and every which way because of the stretchable 4 way integrated fabric.  You can check it out here.


Whether you’re braving the wilderness or the snow, the Astreas mid-layer jacket will outperform just about any competitor on the market.  With a lightweight polyester fleece and nylon woven into the fabric, this jacket is extremely durable. You will have the best insulation needed for this level of jacket today.  With great breathability, weather protection, and stretch this jacket proves to be a good choice. You can check it out here.


With the Proteus having one of the highest levels of breathable performance and waterproof technology, this jacket delivers on all fronts.  It has a vast amount of zippers which help contribute to the unique ventilation system that is a standard feature. The Proteus will carry you through any season outside with ease, giving you the peace of mind and reliability you should expect.  You can check it out here.


Virtus-Apparel-and-ClothesAs I mentioned, they have other stuff as well. All I am going to say is I know what I am getting my wife for Christmas.  From hoodies, to scarfs, sports bras, and hats, they have a ton of items to choose from. They have apparel for not just the warrior but, also the entire family. You can go check it out here.


Did I mention they do Camouflage? They developed these patented patterns with the idea of totally reinventing camouflage technology today. VOG is taking the space by storm.  The innovation they put into this arena is making the military salivate!  (ok maybe not!)  Overall though, this concealment armor is like nothing you have ever seen. VOG is now, just re-engineering it for the hunter warrior today.


NYX: Introducing Nyx. Applying darker colors that mask and hide in the evening through morning conditions, Nyx will give anyone the undetectable concealment desired.

EKHO: When it comes to keeping a low profile in specific environments, concealment is non negotiable. Ekho will provide an overall advantage in any populated environment. With a blend of gray colors, the camouflage concealment that it provides, no matter the atmosphere or elements, will be unmatched.

TARIIS: For hunters, concealment is the name of the game.  Taking the Tarris camouflage pattern, it will not only make you undetectable to any “beast of the field” but also provide you with the desired outcome utilizing this technology.  The Forest, won’t even know your there!

XEROS: Getting ready to take a long journey?  Xeros, with 5 color options, will help you get the job done using the sleekest shadow tones today.   It will “white out” anyone in any open and barren region giving you the long-range concealment you need.

DELOS: Looking to avoid detection in an underwater environment? Then Delos camouflage is your best option.  Used by elite veteran warriors, this camouflage will over-deliver on its ability to conceal, whether that is underwater or above it.

PYRA: Calling all first responders and rescuers! The Pyra pattern scheme allows you stay comfortable and ready in your environment.  When the time comes to be the hero, the Pyra camouflage will deliver on its part to help you achieve just that.

BOREAS: Not to be outdone by the military, VOG set a new standard when it comes to snow camouflage.  This patented technology covers anyone in total concealment under the umbrella of snow and ice and all-mountain terrain.



If you like their camouflage patterns, then I’ve got good news for you.  You can dip your rifle, bow, optics, and other hard goods in VOG’s camouflage water transfer printing film.  With over 1,400 certified processors, you’re bound to find one to meet your needs.

I personally haven’t done this yet, but I do plan on doing it.  I’ll be sure to update the article as well as write about my experience when I do.


I’ve never been a camouflage kind of guy.  Sure, for hunting, but never for wear around town. However, that’s not the case with VOG.  Their camouflage design is extremely unique, and while it does the job, it also looks good in public.  Plus, I truly love my Astreas and Helios jacket.  They absolutely fit my needs and look great.

Furthermore, I’ll be sending in my X95 Tavor later this year to be dipped in their camouflage using the Ekho pattern above.  I can’t say how that process will go, but I love the design and think it will look incredible on my bullpup rifle.  Not too over the top, but unique.

All in all, I’m very impressed with the team behind VOG and their Jackets. I will be giving this my “Editor’s Choice” award for top tactical jacket.

If you’d like to learn more VOG or follow their company, be sure to check them out on instagram, or read up about their latest here.

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