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Fall / Winter 2019 Collection

Virtus Outdoor Group

In the most extreme environments in the world, quality clothing can be the difference between success or failure, winning or losing, life or death. We have unique demands we put on our apparel and equipment, and we are determined to design and innovate to create better gear that lasts. These men have put this gear to the ultimate test through the most demanding conditions to develop the ultimate comprehensive, functional, tactical systems ever created. Creating a hybrid brand combining the cutting edge tactical gear, high-performance athletic apparel, and durable outdoor equipment.

Our Beliefs

Virtus Outdoor Group is dedicated to making the highest quality apparel that will honour our history, improve our present and innovate for the future. We are building a brand around a superior product line that is tested, proven and built to perform time and time again by the world’s most qualified, professional team. In an age where disposable clothing is being produced and purchased, we remain firmly opposed to that trend. We desire to make the best product, not the cheapest.

Our Commitment