Built for
the extreme

Virtus Outdoor Group

We seek to live up to our name, Virtus is a veteran owned outdoor apparel company that embodies the ideals of both martial courage and commitment in making products famous for excellence. Virtus has tested tactical and extreme outdoor gear for decades with an assembled elite team of special forces operators, active duty military personnel, professional riflemen, archers, outdoorsmen, professional athletes and emergency responders. The best of the best.

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Kaos Pants
Buy these tactical pants that provide extreme strength and abrasion resistance with plenty of stretch and receive 50% off our Riggers Belt.
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Phantom Pants
Phantom range pants are breathable, highly water-repellant and abrasion-resistant in any temperature range. Buy these now to receive 50% off our Riggers Belt.
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Built to last

Our products are tested to the extremes by pro athletes, military operators, and extreme adventurers.

Combat Tested

Virtus clothing has been used in live combat situations where lives depend on reliability of our gear.

Our Products in the wild