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High Threat Innovations


We are passionate about our mission and truly believe in our TraumaPAKs. We pledge to you that if you ever have to use your TraumaPAK to help save a life, we will replace all the life saving components you used for free!*

Lotar Combat


Shalom and thank you for visiting

My name is Nir, my buddies call me “300”.

I’m an IDF Veteran and former commanding Officer of Israel’s elite counterterror unit, with over 25 years experience in active duty, close combat training and defense consulting.

I’m also a designer and innovator at heart.

I’ve created LOTAR Combat® from the perspective of the operatives on the ground, applying my years of combative experience in designing advanced edged weapons, optimized for micro-combat with emphasis on maximized ergonomics, extreme impact and weather resistance, and above all, a no-nonsense fail-proof function delivered in an aggressive, badass design.

LOTAR Combat® knives surpass MilSpec standards and are are rigorously tested on and off the field by IDF Tier-1 unit members. Battle tested and custom-made, these individually machined and hand-crafted knives are available only as limited edition/quantity per model. Offered on “one-off” basis, they are individually serialized and certified, carry a lifetime warranty and ship for free in Israel and the US.

Please contact me if you got any questions or concerns, and please reach out anytime if there’s anything i can do for you, anytime.

Stay safe & G-D bless.

Gr1ps MMA


Gr1ps is technique, comfort and style, the sartorial tradition of made in Italy at the service of the tradition of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and mixed martial arts. What distinguishes all garments created by Gr1ps is their wearability, and the clean and elegant design that breaks with the traditional style of BJJ and MMA disciplines. Discover the BJJ Gis, MMA and NO-GI BJJ collections, the BJJ Apparel and the BJJ Accessories​and be the protagonist of your fights.


At DutchWare, we produce innovative, high-quality products by using a minimalist approach in the equipment’s design and production at Dutch Clips, LLC, which produces our Dutch suspension hardware for hammocks.

We’re also committed to limiting our impact on the environment to be a good steward of the earth. Whenever possible, we use local or U.S. manufacturers along with recycled materials and packaging to produce and deliver your items. We also work towards decreasing our product packaging so we can reduce our waste and lower your shipping costs.

Whenever possible, we use local or U.S. manufacturers along with recycled materials and packaging to produce and deliver your items. We also work towards decreasing our product packaging so we can reduce our waste and lower your shipping costs.

Our exclusive hammock camping gear, like our Chameleon Hammock and Dutch Clip, is developed and created by our company’s founder, Dutch, with the help of some good friends. And we’re always looking for more ways to find solutions for the hammocking community, whether through DIY hammock camping accessories or gear.

Atom Packs

Atom Packs have been on trail for 12,000+ miles over most of the last decade and have been building packs professionally for the last four years. I have built my range to satisfy the needs of every type of hiker on trail, from the keenly ultra-light to the reluctantly heavy-weight. All packs are offered as standard or fully customisable, if there’s a customisation you want, please get in touch and I’ll do my best to accommodate your needs.

Soledier Socks

The concept of SOLEDIER SOCKS began in 2010 when a great friend of ours was deployed overseas. While he was there, we sent him a few care packages to give him as many comforts of home as possible. In those, we packed magazines, toiletries, candy, notes…and socks! When he returned home, safe and sound, he raved about how the socks were a life-saver! He shared them with a few of his comrades, and explained how a fresh pair of socks kept their feet comfortable and dry when they were on them for long periods of time. They would bring extra pairs with them on missions and change them throughout the day. The ability to change their socks so often helped prevent trench foot. At that moment the idea of SOLEDIER SOCKS was born.

After several years of trying to find the perfect sock and manufacturer here in America, we are proud to offer these socks to you and our military. For each pair of SOLEDIER SOCKS sold, a free pair of the “Thomas” will be put on the feet of an active soldier in the U.S. military. Our goal at SOLEDIER SOCKS is to make sure that every service member, in every branch of our military, never has to worry about a new pair of socks again. Abraham Lincoln once said: “Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm”. Let’s help keep those feet comfortable, dry and protected! Together, we can help all of our troops have a consistent supply of quality socks!