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90-Day Warrior Sandbag Program


  • Personalized Fitness Program (Value : $139)
  • Exercise Deck (Value : $89)
  • Customized Meal Plan (Value : $139)
  • Sandbag With 3 Bladders (Value : $249)
  • Access To Group Chat (Value : $49)
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You Save : $416!

Meet Your Coach, Mark Briggs!

Mark Briggs comes from an Army Military Police background. He served 18 years in civilian law enforcement, with 2 years in undercover narcotics, 16 years in patrol, and 8 years dual service in SWAT.

Mark is the Owner of Warrior Fit Tactical. In addition to being a fitness trainer, he also works as a Chief Range Safety Officer & Firearms Instructor, where he specializes in training Military, Law Enforcement, and Civilian clients.

If there's someone who can help you achieve your fitness goals, it's Mark!

This Is Your Equipment, The Dynami Sandbag

  • Increase Your Functional Strength & Minimize Injuries
    By working with an unstable loaded object (U.L.O.) you'll strengthen all the smaller muscles and ligaments that normally doesn't get worked in the gym. This is perfect for building functional strength and preventing injuries.
  • Engages Your Core In Every Exercise
    When you train with a sandbag you'll be forced to use your core strength to get the right balance through almost any exercise you choose to do. This is great so strengthen your body overall and make sure you don't skimp out on the most important muscle group of your body (the core!).
  • Made With 1000D Milspec Cordura & YKK Zippers
    1000D Cordura is a durable material that you can throw and slam without any scuffs. Combined with sturdy YKK zippers you're guaranteed that you sandbag will last you a lifetime without wearing down.
  • Scalable Load From 30-90 lbs
    With it's 3 internal bladders, you can adjust weight quick and easily.
  • 8 Handles For 70+ Exercises
    The sandbag has 8 handles for a wide range of grips (barbell, suitcase, netural, endcap) that will allow you to do 70+ exercises!
  • Use It Anywhere & Everywhere, No Excuses!
    Originally made for the military, the sandbag was designed to be used under any condition, from your living room to the Siberian backcountry!
  • Doubles As A Duffle Bag
    Includes a detachable duffle tote sling, great to use as an everyday carry

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At VOG we understand that our products are used in extreme situations, whether you are active military personal or an extreme athlete.

If for any reason you are unhappy with our products, or they don't meet your needs, we offer a full refund; no questions asked.